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    Sandbox violation cannot load data

    Don Kerr Level 3

      I have a flex app that is shared by many virtual sites www.domain1.com/myapp,
      www.domain2.com/myapp, www.domain3.com/myapp, etc. All the domains have virtual
      directories pointing to/ myapp. myapp.swf calls remoteObject using the same
      ro endpoint http://www.rodomain.com/flex2gateway/ . I want all of these
      virtual sites to share the same myapp but be able to call the same ro endpoint
      to ColdFusion.


      Of course, I'm getting sandbox violation that domainX.com cannot load data from
      http://www.rodomain.com/flex2gateway/ .


      How do I allow all of the virtual domains to make the data calls to the same ro
      endpoint url?


      I do have a crossdomain.xml file in the root of the server, but that does not
      resolve the problem. I assume I need something in my Flex code to make it work,
      but the many postings I find on the internet related to crossdomain are


      My environment is Flash 10.1, Flex 4.1, ColdFusion 9, Windows 2003 Server/IIS.