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    How download cs5 Camera raw update and how make Photoshop the default in the Bridge "open" menu?


      Two problems  which have defeated me.


      First, I have a new Canon  EOS 500D  and need to download the  recent  (July  2010) CS5 Camera Raw update. However both of my computers freeze when I move from the Adobe Support web page to the Download web page.  Is this a known problem? What to do about it? I am using CS 5 on a Windows 2007 XP computer.


      Second, (probably related to the first)   opening a file in Photoshop is not listed among  Bridge's  "OPEN AS" options. Also,  the "OPEN"  Default is "PAINT". How do I set Photoshop as the "OPEN"  menu  default?


      Thanks for your suggestions. I am truly befuddled by these  issues.