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    External eSATA Drive Advice

    alexdejesus Level 1

      I needed to expand my storage situation so I went to Fry's and picked up a Hitachi

      Duo Pro with two 1 TB drives inside and eSATA. I wanted the MyBook Studio II, but they did not have the 2 TB model. After I got home I went online and found some pretty dismal reviews on the Hitachi (along with some decent ones). Now I am sweating it as this may be my main media drive. The $200 price tag seemed good to me. Would I have done better elsewhere? I see the G-Raid drives advertised a lot in videography sites.


      I am using CS4 Pro Prem on a 2 year-old HP Pavilion d5000t PC, Windows Vista 64-bit, 8 G RAM. Inside I have the C drive is actually two 500 GB SATAs in RAID 0, Two additional 1.5 TB SATAs for storage (not RAID).