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    Snippets RH 7 and Styles

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      I'm using RH7. I read through the help and items I found on snippets, but had a few questions.


      1. Can they be used in expanding or dropdown hotspots? I'm assuming no.


      2. The help says they don't link to style shhets or templates, however, it seems there are styles available in the snippets that are different than styles used in the htm files. These styles are only saved in each hts file that I can tell. It seems easier just to format the snippet if the styles cannot be shared across other snippets. Also, in the HTML code they seem to be commented out (or part of it). Sample below.


      It also seems that even when I set the style to none in the snippet (during my tests), sometimes the normal stye (the one seen in the snippet file) gets re-applied without me applying it. This seems to be true when using similar format characteristics.


      <style type="text/css"><!--

      P.Style1 {
          margin-top: 0pt;
      LI.P-Style1 {


      Is there anything available to read that indicates how styles are supposed to be used, if at all in snippets. I have anumber of snippets I am using and would like to share the formatting across those snippets. RIght now if I change the formating, I need to change the formatting one at a time across each snippet.





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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP





          1. No.




          2. Since you can use snippets on multiple topics, it makes some sense to not make styles available in snippets. You want the snippet to use the style sheet of the topic you placed it in. The styles you see are not really styles, they're the standard HTML building blocks you need to create a page. This includes the normal paragraph and headers. The


          You can now use the styles from the style sheet in your snippet




          When you do this, the snippet will retain the style names when you embed it in a topic. The snippet will not retain the styling in your output. The snippet loses the style sheet and will use the style sheet of the topic. So if you use styles in the snippet that are not included in the style sheet of the topic, you lose the formatting. If the styles are available, the snippet will use the formatting from the css.