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    After Effects warning: Could not rename the file  . . .

    Michael Rutledge

      Mac pro 2x 2.66 Dual-Core

      Mac os10.5.8

      CS5 master collection install


      Please some help on this would be greatly appreciated.

      everything works except

      After Effects


      I get this message after launch:


      After Effects warning: Could not rename the file '/Users/michaelrutledge/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/10.0/Workspaces.1405.1407350763865601.xml' to 'Workspaces.xml'.

      followed by

      After Effects can’t continue: unexpected failure during application startup


      What I've tried:

      1. I've searched this forum found one thread that hasn't helped
      2. uninstalled entire Master Collection and reinstalled
      3. fixed permissions
      4. uninstalled and reinstalled just AE
      5. I am unable to change the prefs directory indicated to add .xml file for folder.
      6. Do not find Workspaces.1405.1407350763865601.xml

      I'm about to download the master collection again and try a fresh install of AE.


      Thank in advance for any help . . .