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    Why is Flash CS4 so terrible in Windows 7 64 Bit?




      Well, I still have yet to see any posts or answers to posts that address the following problems with Flash CS4 on Windows 7 64 Bit:


      1. Flash takes half of forever to load.

      2. Flash is slow.

      3. Flash will not allow to Test Movies or Test Scenes. (This one is the most maddening and irritating.)

      4. Will not publish files due to an incorrect parameter. (Notice it doesn't say WHICH one.)


      Basic Specs:

      Windows 7 64 Bit OS

      8GB of RAM

      Intel i5 750


      I would really hate to have to revert to Windows XP just to use Flash CS4 reliably and I certainly am in no mood to purchase yet ANOTHER upgrade to CSx.


      Windows 7 has been out for around a year. Certainly someone at Adobe can illuminate why this program functions so poorly in Windows 7.


      Thank you.