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    why downsizing the edited picture while saving?


      After saving edited pictures with the app for Android, it seems like the pictures are saved with lower resolution.  Is there a possibility to save full resolution?  How and where to change this setting? 


      I did not know this until I came back from holiday. Because I liked my edited pictures better, I deleted the original once.  When showing them to friends and family the edited pictures where much smaller as the deleted original once.  Is it possible to change this in the future?

      Thanks for information,


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          divinayy Level 1

          Ideally this should not happen,


          Can you please let us know if you are cropping the images or not? Also can you reproduce the problem with a new image.


          Also what are the steps you are performing in the editing operation. Is this happening with a particular editing operation.




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            Snaan Level 1

            I did some testing and got the following result:  the orginal picture is 2592 x 1944.  After only cropping a little piece from the original and then pressing the save icon the picture is saved 889 X 740.  The same original picture edited by changing the exposure and pressing the save icon is saved 1024 x 768. I tested with a second picture, with the same result.  It happens as well if you select first the pic and then edit, or first edit and then selecting the pic. 


            It would be great if you could find a solution.  The free app has a lot of feature.  Hopefully we can use them in the future and keep the orginal seize of our picture.




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              Did you ever get a reply?  I'm only interested in the app if it saves at original size.