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    Looking for example of best practice to use layers like frames

      I'm new to Dreamweaver 8, and am trying to find a good set of examples, templates or a tutorial on how to use layers and/or CSS to create a consistent banner and navigation bar. In the past, I might have done this with frames, with a frame across the top for some consistent site content, and for a navigation panel on either the left and/or right sides.

      The tutorials for Dreamweaver show how to use tables to create the layout, but to get the look, I have to start out with a template-table and have every page with the same table and the same top and side content. Very hard to maintain. I'm sure it's easier than I'm making it, but I seem to have gotten off into a dead-end, and I'm hoping for a nudge back on to the "true path" of layers and CSS.