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    FLA to AVI  countdown timer wont play anywhere else.


      Please help me someone.


      I have no idea whats wrong.  I made a 30 minutes countdown timer for church on my Flash 8 with AS2.  It plays beautifully as a flash movie with the player,  but I need to make it play on Media Player 11 and eventually EasyWorship 2009.The problem is, the AVI I convert it to, will not play on WMP11.  It simply sits there on 30:00 like a JPEG and doesnt move.  I have enstalled every codec including k-lite and dvix but it still just sits there.  I know the codes work because I downloaded other files from the net and they work.  I even recevied a message  from windows media 11 that  I was missing 'usage rights!"... on a file that I made.  Here's a copy of the AVI file.  It just sits on the the media player and doesnt countdown.  Please let me know what I am doing wrong.   Here's a copy of the code if that would help or if anyone needs a countdown timer.  Because like i said it works beautifully in flash player,  I just need it to work in windows media play.     Please help.  I dont know where to turn.  Many thanks in advance.  PS. other AVI that i made (without actionscripts) have worked great.




      totalTime = 1800;
      //Start from 30 minute
      startTime = getTimer();
      function timer() {
          timeLeft = (totalTime*1000)-(getTimer()-startTime);
          seconds = Math.floor(timeLeft/1000);
          minutes = 0;
          while (seconds>59) {
              seconds = seconds-60;
              minutes = minutes+1;
          if (minutes<10) {
              minutes = String("0"+minutes);
          if (seconds<10) {
              seconds = String("0"+seconds);
          time_text.text = minutes+" : "+seconds;
          if (seconds<0) {
              time_text.text = ("Time's Up");
      timer1 = setInterval(timer, 1000);