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    Indic Langauge Search and Retrieval Problem


      I went to www.guruji.com. Generated a Gujarati string "Guruji". I copied it to clipboard.


      Next, I went to Microsoft Word 2007 and pasted that string into a document. Also, I pasted that string in Find in Microsoft Word. I could find the string. I also selected the string and copied it to clipboard. I got the same string.


      Next, I generated two PDF fiies using Microsoft Word's own PDF generator and other with doPDF 7.1. I do not have access to Acrobat.


      I could not search the Gujarati text in both files though it looked the same as in Microsoft Word.


      When I copied the text from the PDF files to clipboard I got garbage.


      I suspect that PDF generators may be a problem. But I am not sure.


      As a side comment, Adobe Reader search text-box cuts bottom pixel row from Gujarati 'u's. FoxIt does not.