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    buttons inside moveiclip not accessible




      I am making this website, which contains a load file, which contains a movieclip holder, which holds all the different parts of the website.


      Now within the portfolio.swf, which is within mcholdr, inside load.swf, there are several images, which are buttons. On clicking one image, I have code which dims, i.e. reduces _alpha for all the buttons and disables them. Now when I test portfolio.swf alone, this code works, but when I access portfolio.swf through load.swf, the code is not working.


      The code within each image button inside portfolio.swf is:


      while (i<=29) {
              _root.folioholdermc["img"+i]._alpha = 20;
              _root.folioholdermc["img"+i].enabled = false;


      img1 to img20 are the image buttons. They are placed within folioholdermc, which in inside portfolio.swf.


      Structure with portfolio.swf alone : Main timeline ------> folioholdermc -------> img1 to img20


      Now through load.swf is : Main timeline --------> mc_load -----------> portfolio.swf (loaded with MovieClipLoader)


      I tried everything from






      Nothing works. Is this a path problem??? How do I access these buttons?? I want to use the loop, as there are many buttons, so a simple img1._alpha will not work, as I will have to type this out for each button. How can I get the same effect using the loop??