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    VST plug-ins not loaded at all Snow Leopard 10.6




      I am using abelton live, and install waves 7 (does support snow leopard 10.6), and I don't see any recognition whatsoever for VST in premiere cs5


      if I go inside the package of the application , i can see the plug-ins folder, but where is the "user" plug-ins folder.


      on a Mac the folder is in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST


      this is not the location where premiere is looking to load the VST, in the splash screen you don't see it loading Waves plug-ins for example.


      does anyone know why / how to truely enable VST on CS5 Mac?





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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Usually, PrPro will survey most of the system, and load all VST's found. However, three things can happen:


          1.) the VST is loaded and can be used by PrPro (not sure if this is the case with your particular VST)

          2.) the VST is loaded, but PrPro cannot use it. There is most often a one-time message to this effect. The VST will NOT appear anywhere in PrPro.

          3.) PrPro attempts to load the VST, but cannot. At this point, in later versions, a blacklist file is written, and each such VST will be added, when one launches. The launch will fail, until all such VST's are "blacklisted." When that blacklist has been completed, PrPro will launch fine, ignoring each of those problem VST's.


          Just not sure about your particular VST. Does it say that it will work in PrPro? Not all will.


          Good luck,




          PS - seems that there are a couple of threads on Wave7.dll, but do not recall the specifics. I'd suggest a Search of this, and maybe the CS4 and Earlier fora, and some reading.


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            trashami Level 1

            HI Bill,

            Thanks for your quick response.



            I'm using Waves 7 on Mac 10.6 (snow leopard is supported, but not sure if its full 64 bit) so no dll's here :-)


            black list file is inside the app package and blacklisted the following:


            which i don't even use.



            I downloaded bunch of izotope VST demo's


            all i have in my effects uner audio is:





            inside these folders i can only see what came with premiere cs5,


            Ableton live show's and uses all of them correctly.


            also my VST Editor window is always empty





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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Interesting that SampleTank2 is on the blacklist. It is one of the ones that I have, and PrPro loads it fine. However, I did get the message that it could not be used by PrPro - one time only. Though loaded, it does not appear anywhere.


              I wish that I could recall the Izotope Wave7 info, but that was giving other issues recently. Here is one similar THREAD, but that is not the one that I had in mind - or I do not think that it is. Still might be of some use?


              I'll look for the other(s) and will post links, if I find them.


              Good luck,