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    Default Project File Location - PE7


      Can anyone help please


      I have been looking for a way to edit my default Project file location. Have managed to change all the Scratch disk locations to my (Local) F: Drive, but I cannot see a way to change the default location for Projects to be the same drive.


      I know I can set it each time I start a project, but it seems strange with modern software to be unable to define a default.


      I've searched the Registry and can't find anything there, and I cannot see anything in Edit>Preferences. Also searched the forum, but couldn't find an answer.






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          bonalymac999 Level 1

          Just partly answered my question, the location entered for one project is sticky, and retains the location used last time. Not sure how long this is memorised for however. Is it lost on reboot?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            The ultimate workflow, IMHO, is to locate the Projects in a unique folder structure. As you have found, the general Path is sticky, so it will save you some work, as you only have to change the folder.


            When I am starting a Project, I first consider that Project, and its needs. Let's say that I have a Project for Berry (a client of mine), and this one is for a DVD of a family member. I already have a "Berry" folder on my FW-800 External HDD, W:\, and would then add a sub-folder, "Elizabeth_04" in this case. Below that, I would create, "Capture" (if I was doing any Capture), "Stills," "Music," "Audio," "Titles," etc., and then populate those sub-sub-folders with Copies of any stock material, and then use them, as the Project progresses to keep my Assets organized.


            Back in the NLE, at New Project, I would name this one "Elizabeth_04," and locate it in W:\Berry\Elizabeth_04, pointing my Scratch Disks to "Same as Project." As I create, or locate Assets, they would be placed in the appropriate sub-sub-folders.


            In my case, I Export my Timelines as elemental streams, i.e. DV-AVI Type II Video-only files, and PCM/WAV (or AC3) Audio-only files to a sub-sub folder, "Finished AVI's," or "Finished AC3's. I author in Adobe Encore, so I Import from those two folders, the Assets that are needed, and my Encore Project is located in the W:\Berry\Elizabeth_04 folder, where Encore creates the sub-sub-sub folders necessary. Everything is in one root location. When done, I just go to W:\Berry\Elizabeth_04 and delete that folder plus all sub-folders to it.


            Good luck,



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              bonalymac999 Level 1

              Thanks for the prompt and helpful reply. Really is much appreciated.


              I'm going to print off your response and use it for my next project (in a couple of days).


              Looks perfectly logical way of working.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                It helps me greatly. I keep all Assets and Projects (both PrPro and Encore) in one basic location. I only add Copies of any stock Assets, etc., into the Projects' sub-folders, so that when I do my final "house cleaning," I do not delete any original materials. This rather compact and self-contained workflow layout also helps me, in that I often migrate my Projects from the laptop to the workstation, so everything that I need is right there. Each FW-800 external HDD also has the same drive letter set in the OS of each computer, so W:\ is ALWAYS W:\, regardless of which machine it's connected to.


                There is a very slight performance hit, by keeping everything on the same HDD, in that for pure performance, it would be faster if one had the Project on one HDD, the media on another and the Scratch Disks on another. However, that would preclude migrating the Projects, and also make finding all the parts a bit more of a task, when time comes to clean up a finished Project. I live with that slight performance hit, and have never had an issue. The seconds that I would gain with the more involved layout is more than offset on "clean up day."


                Good luck,