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    Swap actual image file but keep interactions?

    iptinak Level 1

      I have built a few simple pages with a 4 thumbnail gallery, and a large area to display the choosen image. Each "large" image to be displayed has it's own page. (I am going to look at the posts about using Data lists to see if that would work better). I would like to be able to regularly update the page without having to rebuild it all the time.


      My main question is this. Is there a simple way to keep the page layout, timelines, and interactions but to just sawp out the images (and the thumnails)? (ie" in DW I could just change the image the DIV linked to). My suspicion is it will require using the Builder program but I thought I'd ask. I am very new to this more dynamic type building (never used Builder, done a tad in Flash but not much really at all).