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    tabnavigator :navigating differnt tabs


      hii all this one is my very first question in this forum as well as newbie in flex and actionscript(although have knowledge about javascript) .

      i am having tabbar control having tabs as :

      CreateUser/Login, View User, Edit User.

      now untill user will be login or register himself,The tabs View User and Edit User will be remain invisible. something like



      //navigate to view user

      //viewUser.visible =true;





      //label.text="user name/pasword not match"




      is there any way to achieve this in flex actionscript.


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          rootsounds Level 4

          You will have to add children dynamically to the TabNavigator. Read up on view States.

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            alok_u123 Level 1

            thanks for suggesting viewstack i work on tht and finally got somethng.i have designed login and other pages and also able to set visible false or true according to situations.now a new issue is there that:

            after successfully  login user is redirected to VIEW USER .now as soon as he presses f5 or browser refresh,he is redirected again to login page.

            is there any way or metod or session(like

                 if(_ispageRefresh ==true)





            or another way like session, view state .

            also i want cursor blinking in username()TEXTBOX) as soon as the page is rendered.

            please guide me thanks.

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              rootsounds Level 4

              You will have to communicate with the server in order to determine if there is an existing session.


              As for giving the username field focus, it's simply TextInput.setFocus() in the creation complete handler. However, keep in mind that the Flash Player plug-in still probably won't automatically have focus.