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    "Can't Retrieve Essential Parameter: 16287.301.751"


      Howdy! Yup, the above is a mouthful, eh?!

      Old Computer: RAM 128 (yikes: I know!) Browser IE 6 along with Panda Antivirus

      I just reinstalled the entire operating system Microsoft XP last night (package 3 was updated today)

      The O/S installed Flash 9 (I bet you knew that, didn't you?!). But, I went through all of this last November and saved the uninstallation program.

      I went to a website that said I needed to upgrade to version 10.1 and allowed me to click on it. I *thought* (stooopid me) it would open a page to adobe where I could then choose how to download it (cuz I knew I needed to uninstall the 9 first). But this website automatically downloaded and tried to install the new one before I got the old one uninstalled! So, I cancelled the installation and then uninstalled the version 9. But, when I tried to go back to adobe to install the version 10, the above message was spit out at me (causing me to "spit bullets" of my own!). I've tried to install it again but when I go to the download page, it just sits there and does nothing. I'm assuming my problem was caused by a "crossover" between the attempted installation of version 10 and the uninstall of version 9. Oh, what a tangled web I seem to weave! Any suggestions? Or, am I doomed to have to start over from scratch and reinstall the O/S AGAIN?! Thank you soooo much for your time, effort and energy helping me to fix my schizophrenic computer!!

      Have a gr8 day!

      Lisa Beth aka faerie7

      P.S. The flashplayer version 10 worked perfectly fine on this same exact computer/system until today!