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    Unable to set default program for .pdf



      As show in print screen, when i attempt to set default program nth happens at all. The only way i can open any .pdf file now is by 1st opening adobe reader 9 and select the .pdf file manually



      Problem started after upgrading to windows 7 from vista. Windows 7 is able to recognise adobe reader 8 as a valid default program since it is in windows.old. Thus the default for .pdf is adobe reader 8 (it was installed in vista).


      Subsequently, installing adobe reader 9 isof  no use as it will be ignored and windows 7 will only continue to use adobe reader 8 as the default reader when i try to open a .pdf file, unless if i manually opened adobe reader 9 and selected a .pdf file manaually


      However, I am unable to uninstall adobe reader 8 as the "program and feature" can only identify adobe reader 9 and does not think that adobe reader 8 exists.



      Thus, I removed windows.old by using the disk cleanup. However, I am still unable to set adobe reader 9 as the default reader. Instead, .pdf are no longer accessible/"open-able" unless I 1st opened adobe reader 9 and then selected a .pdf manaually.


      I've attempted reinstalling and restarting comps etc, they dun seem to help. I suspect the OS is now only able to recognise adobe reader 8 from windows.old as a valid program directory due to some registry issues since it was initally set as the default when i 1st upgraded the OS. Now that adobe reader 8 is removed, there might be some corrupted registry somewhere that needs to be set right again?


      Really need help with this. Thanks a million.