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      Colin.  I found this after our discussion the  other day regarding TC in audio file and the workflow I undertook with double system sound shooting.


      This may interest you and others who need to get at timecode data in a wav file.




      I havent had time to explore it yet because I got the data via Audition and I am busy getting the show out the door.  (Its been a journey)

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          I have now had a quick look at this app.   ( I'ts free by the way)


          It creates a great 'Sound Report' from any wave files dropped into it. or the entire folder the sound recordist may give you from a hard disk recorder but you can instantly see the TCin the window without doing a report.


          Report is configureable but importantly includes the "First start TC" which is vital info if you shoot a double system sound (as you might with RED Cam)


          Considering PPRO can not read audio TC...




          Shoot Free Run TC on camera and Disk Recorder (device)


          Drop the files into  Wave Agent

          Print a report

          Paste the TC onto the wave file in PPRO.  (the slightly tedious bit)


          Tip: work out the TC off-set using one clip as a test against a video file...and paste exact TC onto the audio file. ( Makes synch workflow  quicker)

          Tip 2 : better still if video has reference audio no matter what quality ( eg on board mic)


          BTW: This will obviously work with any way you do your TC recording in a double system shoot.


          Big question. Why cant PPRO read audio TC if a free app can.?

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            Good find--I'd come across that app when we were doing our little fact-finding mission. Looks like a pretty handy tool, and the price tag helps. I'm assuming this works with other, non-SD recorders (BWF being the only requirement), but since your test clip came from a 744t, and I couldn't find any other test clips on the web, it's hard to say for sure. Nevertheless, it's a good piece of digital gear to have in the toolbox; sort of like Bridge for BWF.


            Big question. Why cant PPRO read audio TC if a free app can.?


            Well, I think it CAN, but not in the way we want. The test clip you sent me, which was opened in Audition, trimmed, and resaved actually HAD the timecode associated with it when I brought it into Premiere--and based on what you said, it never touched Premiere, so there was no copy-and-pasting of the start TC going on. This makes me think that, when you open the BWF in Audition, the timestamp is read and then copied into the Start Timecode field (or actually, I think the Alternate Timecode field) of the XMP metadata; when you save the file (or you might not even have to save at that point!) the start TC now is written into the file and travels wherever it goes. In this case, you would never have to copy-and-paste the timecode between Audition and Premiere. I don't have any raw, as-yet-untouched BWF files to test, but if you have your originals backed up somewhere, you could copy one and test this workflow. No, it's not as ideal as being able to open them straight away in Premiere, but it still would save gobs of time and frustration, and avoid any "accidents."


            For the synching, you might check out the beta of PluralEyes: Singular Software: PluralEyes. Haven't tried it myself, but it looks pretty interesting.