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    Planning my storage config - 5 drives

    alexdejesus Level 1

      Here is my current configuration:

      C Drive - two 500 GB in RAID 0

      D Factory Image is a partition of system drive

      C and D is set up this way factory condition


      E and F are identical 1.5 TB SATA used for media storage

           I am considering combining E and F in RAID 0

      L is brand new external eSATA 2 TB RAID 0 (2 drives)

      N Buffalo drive 1 TB external eSATA, FW 400/800, USB 2 currently for overflow

      M MyBook is a backup drive for C drive


      After reading some of the forum threads about storage, I am not sure what to do. I had planned on combining E and F into a 3 TB RAID 0 for speed, but Harm says that keeping all the drives separate is also not a bad way to go. I don't have a hardware raid controller. The L drive can be set to RAID 0 or 1 with a switch.


      How do you back up your files and which files need to be protected? I need a backup solution for media files (original captures and audio) I guess all other filetypes, i.e. previews, cache, conforms can be replaced. I have been keeping my project files and cache on the system drive C.


      I then need to figure out exactly how to set up Premiere, Encore, AE, etc. to send files to their respective places. I can figure out some of it, like capture scratch in Premiere, but for others I have no idea how to proceed. In Preferences, is it a good idea to save media cache next to originals? By default, they are in that "Roaming" folder in C drive. What is the difference between "media cache files" and media cache database"? Why are there separate settings for each? I do not see a setting for conformed files.


      What am I supposed to do with a pagefile? How do I set that up?


      As you can see, some of my drives are quite full. At what point does it become problematic?


      How do I know when to defrag my drives? What is the acceptible amount of fragmentation? Windows Vista's defragger sucks. What do you use?


      What else have I missed?     All drives.jpg