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    how bind data into dropdown in grid


      I have one dropdown in datagrid.The grid values should load from db, and the dropdown values should load from db.

      For me the values are coming into arraycollection.How we can bind into dropdown inside datagrid

      Please give me a solution for this problem.

      i am very new to flex

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          BhaskerChari Level 4

          Hi jinsojose,


          Here is the sample code you needed...



          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
          <mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml">
              import mx.controls.Alert;
                [Bindable]private var myAC:Array = [
                   {EmpId:1001, Ename:'Harish',  EmpDepartment:[{Id:1,Name:"IT"},{Id:2,Name:"HARDWARE"},{Id:3,Name:"NETWORK"}]},
                   {EmpId:1002, Ename:'Bhasker',  EmpDepartment:[{Id:2,Name:"HARDWARE"},{Id:1,Name:"IT"},{Id:3,Name:"NETWORK"}]},
                   {EmpId:1003, Ename:'Pavan',  EmpDepartment:[{Id:3,Name:"NETWORK"},{Id:1,Name:"IT"},{Id:2,Name:"HARDWARE"}]},

          <mx:DataGrid id="dataGrid" dataProvider="{myAC}" x="10" y="177" visible="true">          
             <mx:DataGridColumn  headerText="SLNO" itemRenderer="mx.controls.RadioButton"/>           
             <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="EmpId" headerText="Names" />           
             <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="Ename" headerText="Passwords"/>
             <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="CPasswords">
                <mx:ComboBox dataProvider="{data.EmpDepartment}" labelField="Name"/>



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          Bhasker Chari