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    CROSS ZOOM Challenge!


      Hi Guys and Girls.


      I'm laying down a challenge based on the recent discussion How or where is the CROSS ZOOM transition? (Updated)


      Post a detailed description of how you would make a manual CROSS ZOOM trasition in PP CS5.

      Better still post a totorial on YouTube showing how you did it.


      or do it in After Effects if thats a better way to go, I'm still figuring out how AF integrates into PP.


      Send me a PP project with your presets in it.


      A few people have been a bit 'stuffy' about the purity of NLE non-linear-editing, which is fine I get it.

      Like I said I am a newbie on a Mac! I seem to feel some animosity against me from my new Premier Pro buddies.

      The best way for Abobe it get one over on Apple is to appeal to the mass market a bit more!

      I might even buy a PC just for the CROSS ZOOM function!


      You can view some of my CROSS ZOOMS on my YouTube channel.

      They are speeded up CROSS ZOOMS and give a nice pop and energy - check them out.

      Please give me your opinions, which are always welcome.




      If I can't replicate this in PP I will be back to iMovie and Final Cut Pro.

      Apple let you do cheesey stuff in iMovie, but I believe (correct me if I am wrong) you can later import your iMovies into Final Cut Pro and then tone down some of the cheese and make the whole thing more professional.


      I wish Adobe did something similar - "Get into video editing with Adobe Cheesey Premier $99!" think of how much money they could make by later selling them Premier Pro so you can then tweak the whole thing later.


      Anyway yes I know about CHEESYNESS thank you everyone I GET the message!

      But some of these effects are "what one needs" in certain situations especially if they become client driven situations!

      I am sitting here with what purports to be "I can do anything" software. Can any clever people out there who like a challenge please respond to my challenge with actual example evidence.


      Many thanks everyone,


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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can make this in PP although PP does not zoom in far enough.

          Say you want the transition to last a second.

          Go the the first clip to frame 15 frame from the end.

          Place a keyframe for scale and set it to 100,

          Go to the last frame and set a keyframe for scale to 600.

          Go to the second clip first frame, set scale to 600,

          Go to frame 15 and set scale to 100.

          If you want more zoom you can make a still from the frame at scale 600

          Put it on the timeline (duration 1 frame) and scale this right up.

          In AE is easier to make as it has more zoom.

          Good luck.

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            TradeWind Level 3

            Check out NewBlueFX Motion Blends transitions...there's a cross zoom effect in there that is very elegant (among other usable transitions).



            These Motion Blends transitions are very affordable and the effect is subtle for most of them. There are many customization possibilities as well, so you can really tone down the cheese on some of them.


            These are very usable on photo montages, where a lot of people want something with a little action to it.

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              SNAREDESIGN Level 1

              Thanks Ann Bens!


              Thanks for explaining that in detail, much appreciated, I see how the whole PP effects concept hangs together now.


              It's all a bit 'clunky' but it will help me experiment, and in time I may get better.




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                SNAREDESIGN Level 1

                Thanks Christian Jolly,


                I think you just saved the day! I now have a bunch of transitions. Liquify, Roll, Shake, Shear, Shredder, Smear, Spin, Twirl, Wave and the ZOOM one! Yay! All for about £80 nice one thanks - from www.newbluefx.com/motion-blends.html


                Back of the net!


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                  shooternz Level 6



                  Your use of the FX etc in the video look great.


                  You must realise with PPRO and AEFX that these apps are designed to "craft"  your "movies" and in combination, can almost achieve "anything".  Add a few plugins and other apps and the potential increases infinitely.


                  AEFX in particular is a major player in very high-end work in cinema, TV , commercials etc...


                  Downside is they are not designed for instant gratification like some of the amateur apps you have experience of.  Crafting takes time... like fine wine.


                  Put the effort into learning them as an artist and your already fine efforts will get even better.


                  Your simple "cross zoom" challenge shows you have a lot to learn Grasshopper.  



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                    TradeWind Level 3

                    No problem!


                    Loved the video btw...I fronted a ska band for many years and somehow we always ended up having at least one rockabilly/rockapunk/psychobilly band on the bill with us. Always the fun guys to hang out with afterwards.