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    Masking in Catalyst?

    iptinak Level 1

      Is there a way to mask (or simulate it) in Catalyst? (like I seem to remember doing in my limted use of Flash)

      Two examples I am think of.


      One is to have a large image that is zoomed in on so the main subject goes from being small to filling the frame. The image would would be essentially resized to be larger with only a portion being made visible so it appears to be zooming.


      The second is I have a banner that I would like to slide in and out of view. However, there is a header above it so I can't just slide it up and off the visible area.


      I'm still tinkering with this thing. I am thinking I could make a mask with the background color and then just layer it so it goes under it. I am also thinking that I could just build the SWF so the top is at the top of the banner. Then I could just insert the SWF DIV directly below the header DIV in DW.  That way I could build the SWF to just slide it out of the SWF (or would that relatively put it overlying the header?).


      Anyway, just throwing this out there for some thoughts. It'll be trial error I guess unless someone here has some thoughts/ideas or cares to share their expertise.