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    Opening CS4 Project in CS5

    glaustin Level 2

      Hi Guys

      I'm trying to open a CS4 project in CS5.


      On opening I get a message saying it was created in an earlier version of Pr and must be converted. I click OK and get a screen showing all the project folders and clips with options to 'skip' or 'skip all'. I tried opening the folders but nothing is there and it says 'No items match your search'. I tried typing the project name into the 'File name' box; the same thing. I click on a clip but it that doesn't do anything either, so I click 'skip all' and when the project opens all the clips have been replaced by an image saying ' Media Offline'. I find if I right click on each clip I can relink but this would take some time as there are 75 in the project. Any ideas how I can open this project to work on?




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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          When you open a CS4 project in CS5, the required conversion will result in a new filename with _1 appended to the name. Then when opening this project you need to show PR where the files are located by directing it to the correct directory. Once you have done that for the first file, it will automatically find the other files in that directory. Since you have now offlined all the files by skipping them, I suggest you delete this CS5 project and import again from CS4 and taking the little time to direct PR to the correct media.

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            glaustin Level 2

            Thanks Harm

            It's opened and linked.