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    Can't upgrade app from AIR 1 to AIR 2 because pubid is blank

    richard.szalay Level 1

      We've upgraded our Flex SDK 3.1 + AIR 1 application to Flex SDK 4.1 + AIR 2, using the same build script that automates the use of ADT to build the AIRI/AIR files using the same PFX file.


      The installer, however, does not attempt to upgrade the previous application but instead install a new application. From the installer logs, I can see the problem is that the pub id is blank for the AIR 2-generated installer.


      Original installer:

      [2010-08-02:11:19:51] app id <appid>
      [2010-08-02:11:19:51] pub id <GUID>.1


      Updated installer:

      [2010-08-02:11:21:46] app id <appid>
      [2010-08-02:11:21:46] pub id <BLANK>


      Any idea why this might be happening? Does the pub id have to be specified explicitly as part of the AIR 2 SDK?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated