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    Change Java Swing to Flex?

    SrinivasanJR Level 1

      I am new to Flex. I need to know whether i can change my Java Swing to Flex( Redo in Flex) and use it as before


      The Solaris machine acts as Server and the server side code is in Java
      The Windows machine acts as Client and the client side code is in Java Swing.


      The Communication between the Server and the Client is through CORBA - Middle Level language.


      I need to change my Client Side programming from Java Swing to Adobe Flex.


      Is it possible to do that?


      I should not disturb my Server Side Code and the MiddleLevel(CORBA) part.But only redesigning the complete client side to FLEX.


      Can anyone guide me on this? I am new to Flex and i am trying to understand whether this will be possible for me to change to Flex.


      If we can do it, then how do i start.Please guide on the doc/tutorial to start with.


      Thanks in advance



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          rootsounds Level 4

          I'm not familar with Corba and have not read about any kind of direct integration of it with Flex. The core design allows Flex to work with the array of standard services (HTTP, REST, SOAP, etc.). There is also the JavaScript ExternalInterace to consider if a JS solution exists. You may also want to look into the BlazeDS project which is a component of the Spring Framework designed to tie Java and Flex together in a number of fun ways.

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