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    Motion Blur


      Does motion blur exist in Flash CS5? I know you can create a blur by making a movie clip symbol and adding the blur effect to it, but this method would be tedious and impractical. Is there a checkbox somewhere to apply motion blur to individual layers such as in Premiere? Thanks.

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          Andrei1 Level 6

          No, there is no automatic way to do that.


          And I totally disagree with your statement regarding "impractical." A a matter of fact runtime processing is very practical.

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            VX967 Level 1

            Well, in order to do blur effects, the symbol must be a movie clip symbol- rather than a graphic symbol, which I work with the most. I am relatively new to Flash, and movie symbols can be a little confusing for me.


            I find this way impractical only because Premiere has a checkbox that automatically applies motion blur- but Flash requires you to tween it. This method does give you some control over the blur, but to me, it still seems tedious and unnecessary.


            Also, I found that with the blur filter, you can only blur across the X or Y axis- is there any way to make the blur go in a diagonal direction?

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              jendehaan Level 4

              Here is an automatic solution - an extension (created by one of the forum users here) that does the work for ya:


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                Kaabi Level 1

                That's pretty cool how that application was made to simplify the process.  Although I think whether a symbol is a graphic, button, or movie clip, they are not hard to work with, although obviously the button and movie clip symbols have their own small intricacies to them.