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    Three Beginner Questions for Captivate 3

    Chaplain Doug Level 1

      Adobe Captivate 3.


      I have three beginner questions for Adobe Captivate 3.


      1.  I notice that CP3 only creates SWF files.  Why does it not offer the option to create an FLV file as the final product?  What is the difference between a SWF and a FLV?


      2.  I want my finished product to be a single slide with a background photo and some rollover areas.  It seems that no matter what I do, the slide does not stay fixed, but fades out and disappears after the default time of 3.3 seconds.  How can I accomplish making the slide stay put, not disappear, and behave as I want?


      3.  I want to make a slide that has an autoplay flash video on it (that part I know how to do), but I want the slide to transition to another specified slide when the video finishes, without user action.  How can I do that?


      Thanks to anyone who can help me on these issues.