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    Unable to see full design view


      I have just started using Dreamweaver


      I firstly created a basic html blank page and then edited one of the CSS layouts initially only altering basic colours (one to the header and one to sidebar),, adding a logo to the header and some basic text to my footer.. Both files were saved. I then reached the stage of attaching the external style sheet to my web page. However on creation the design view only shows certain elements of my web page at any one time. Using the property inspector and selecting the different class elements eg side bar, footer ,header etc,,, i can see  oneeement at a time. I know only one is shown as only one clolour block appears.


      I was expecting to see the whole page within the design view? My logo is also not showing in the header section nor is the basic text i had added to the footer.


      Within view > style rendering, both the screem media type and display styles are selected.


      Are you able to help