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    Black Bars on Sides & Poor Upload to YouTube

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              I have already tried converting my Mp4's from my camera to AVI and this will resolve the black bars but the end result is still poor video once uploaded...  I get the little red x in the lower left hand corner about poor display quality (see picture at bottom) If I work with the original Mp4s and leave the Black Bars on the side the videos looks fine... please help.  The AVIs are taking too much space once I convert them from Mp4 so I would like to leave that option out of this topic, unless someone can tell me how set Super or Prisim up to keep the file size the same when converting or how to convert an Mp4 to AVI in a smaller format that is usable by Premiere.



      These are the best specs I can give you guys after reading How To Ask A Question from Hunt....


      *   WINDOWS 7 64BIT os


      *   Adobe Project Settings - HD 1080i 30 presently
                             HD 1080i 30 (60i) formerly
      *   Adobe Settings - Default after a clean install of Windows 7


      *   Files - Working With raw Mp4 HD 1080/60i (all the same from the same camera)
          * w 1920 x h 1080
          * data rate 17029kbps
          * 59 fps
          * Audio bitrate 128 kbps
          * 2 channel stereo
          * 48 kHz
          * videos are about 500 mb in size each




          Signal Type       Signal Type       NTSC
          Storage Media     Storage Media     SDHC slot
          Image Sensor     Sensor Type     CMOS
          Sensor Size     1/4.1"
          No. of pixels     4.7M
          Lens             Optical Zoom     20x (22x)
          Digital Zoom     220x
          Display             Main Screen     No. of pixels     230K
          Video Recording      Recording Format     H.264 HD
          Memory Application     Memory Application     Compatible Card     SDHC




          * Gateway DX4300-03




          * Type Personal computer
          * Product Form Factor Mini tower
          * Width 7.1 in
          * Depth 17.3 in
          * Height 16.3 in
          * Weight 24.9 lbs
          * Desktop type Gaming system




          * Type AMD Phenom X4 9750 / 2.4 GHz
          * Multi-Core Technology Quad-Core
          * 64-bit Computing Yes
          * Installed Qty 1
          * Max Supported Qty 1


      Cache Memory


          * Type L2 cache
          * Installed Size 2 MB
          * Cache Per Processor 512 KB ( 4 x 512 KB )




          * Chipset type AMD 780G




          * Installed Size 8 GB / 8 GB (max)
          * Technology DDR2 SDRAM
          * Form Factor DIMM 240-pin
          * Configuration Features 4 x 2 GB


      Storage Controller


          * Type Serial ATA - Integrated
          * Controller interface type Serial ATA-300




          * Hard Drive 1 x 1 TB - Standard - Serial ATA-300 - 7200 rpm
          * Hard Drive 2nd Drive Simpletech 500gb drive (speed unknown) USB 2.0
          * Hard Drive 3rd Drive WD My Book Essential External Drive 1TB USB 2.0


      Optical Storage


          * Type DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM
          * Disc Labeling Technology Labelflash Technology




          * Acer H203H
          * Sylvania Flatpanel TV extended


      Multimedia Functionality


          * TV tuner type Dual digital/analog TV


      Graphics Controller
          * NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 - updated yesterday
          * Graphics Processor / Vendor ATI Radeon HD 4650 (not in use)
          * Video Memory 1 GB


      Audio Output


          * Type Sound card - Integrated
          * Sound output mode 7.1 channel surround
          * Audio output compliant standards High Definition Audio
          * Speaker(s) 2 x Right / left rear channel




          * Networking Network adapter - Integrated
          * Wireless LAN Supported Yes
          * Data Link Protocol Ethernet , Fast Ethernet , Gigabit Ethernet


      Expansion / Connectivity


          * Expansion Slots Total (Free) 1 ( 0 ) x Processor , 4 ( 0 ) x Memory - DIMM 240-pin , 1 ( 1 ) x PCI Express x1
          * Interfaces 8 x Hi-Speed USB - 4 pin USB Type A ( 4 front, 4 rear ) ,
            1 x Keyboard - Generic - 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2 style) , 1 x Mouse - Generic - 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2 style) ,
            1 x Display / video - VGA - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15) , 1 x IEEE 1394 (FireWire) ,
            1 x Network - Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T - RJ-45 , 1 x Modem -
      Phone line - RJ-11 , 1 x Display / video - HDMI - 19 pin HDMI Type A , 1 x Storage - Serial ATA-300 - 7 pin Serial ATA




         *note the red 'X' in the lower left hand corner, as well as the black bars. This is how it looks when directly imported into Premiere (mp4 file from the camera)

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          What is the brand/model number of your camera?


          You say that the conversion to AVI has resolved the black border problem for you. But it is NOT the AVI you should be uploading to youtube. AVI (DV-AVI Type 2) is a format that PRE works with best during the editing phase of your project. The Share phase of your project should not be AVI. This article explains a couple of methods for creating a reasonable youtube file: How can I get the best quality on YouTube? Remember also that whatever you load to youtube will be re-rendered by them as well.


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            Black bars in the Program Monitor (and usually in the Export/Share) are almost always a mis-match between the source footage and the Project Preset. The mis-match can be with Frame Size (larger bars usually), or with the PAR, Pixel Aspect Ratio (smaller bars on just the sides, usually).


            With HD material, you would want Square Pixels for the PAR probably, and also for the Project Preset.


            What are the specifics of your Project Preset?


            Good luck,



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              CruelRhetoric Level 1

              Thanks Nealeh! I will check out that post now....


              Hey Hunt, long time no post... lol, the specs from within the program itself are:



                EDITING MODE hd 1080I

                TIMEBASE 29.97



                1920 X 1080  16:9

                 SQUARE PIXELS (1.0) - locked

                 FIELDS - NONE

                 DISPLAY FORMAT - 30fps drop-Frame Timecode



                 SAMPLE RATE 48000 Hz

                  DISPLAY FORMAT - Audio Samples




              From The Project Opening Dialog Are:


              NTSC-Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorder-HD 1080i 30 Preset


              19:6 interlaced HD video @ 29.97 fps

              48khz audio



              frame size: 1920h 1080v (1.000)

              frame rate: 29.97fps

              Pixel Aspect: Square Pixels 1.0



              (((THE BRAND OF THE CAMERA IS SAMSUNG SIO full HD 1920x1080, H200 series w/ HDMI-CEC)))

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                CruelRhetoric Level 1

                took me forever to get the specifics because the instruction booklet is a 'hot mess'


                The Samsung HMX-H200 NTSC


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                  CruelRhetoric Level 1

                  1. Open Premiere Elements 8.0.1 and set the project preset (new project dialog) = PAL AVCHD Full HD1080i25.

                  2. In the program, Edit Menu/Preferences/General, have a check mark next to "Default Scale to Frame Size".

                  3. Right click the Edit Mode Monitor, select Magnification, and have the set on "Fit".

                  4.  Using Premiere Elements' Get Media/Files & Folders, import your  AVCHD 1920x 1080 16:9 video into the program. (You will see your video  in the Organizer.)

                  5. Drag your video from the Organizer to the Timeline. Are you seeing a 4:3 version of it in the Edit Mode Monitor?

                  6. If so, click on the Project Tab in the row below the active Organize (Blue) Tab to bring up the Project Media View.

                  7. In the Project Media View, right click your video in the list to bring up the Interpret Footage dialog.

                  8.  In the Interpret Footage dialog, under Pixel Aspect Raio, dot the  "Conform to:" and change the setting = Square Pixels (1.0). After you  click OK to that, see what your video now looks like in the Edit Mode  Monitor.



                  1. You can also use the Interpret Footage dialog for Frame Rate considerations.

                  2.  Although the gspot read out does not give a reading for PAR (Pixel  Aspect Ratio), the PAR can be calculated from the SAR and DAR values  given since PAR = DAR/SAR and, in your case, 1.778/1.778 = 1.0. The DAR  is Display Aspect Ratio and the SAR is Storage Aspect Ratio.

                  3.  What is the duration (seconds, minutes, hours) of the video that you  have been trying to use in Premiere Elements 8.0.1. You are working with  AVCHD which is a very resourve demanding format, and it appears that  you have 2 GB RAM installs that probably translates in much less  available and you do not say how much free hard drive space your  computer has. But, if the video in question is only of a few seconds  duration, we should be able to work through this pixel aspect ratio  issue.




                  courtesy of AT Romano...