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    How to catch dataevent when using .send from FMS

    michael.penwell Level 1

      We currently have a Flex-based video webcasting application that is using OVP to connect to Akamai for live video playback. During these live events we have our Flash Media Server 3.5 multipoint publishing to Akamai so we can inject data into the stream to control things such as slide changes, polling questions, and other webcast features. This data is injected into the stream using the .send command in FMS and is picked up in OVP by listening to the stream for the NETSTREAM_DATAEVENT.


      Code from FMS:

      application.mainStream.send("onDataEvent", obj); - where "obj" is the data we want to pass along for processing.


      We would like to move this video playback controls over to OSMF to standardize with other video on our site.


      How can you catch these .send (onDataEvent) events using OSMF? Is anyone doing this and if so, how? If you can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.


      Please let me know if you need more information to help with this question.



      - michael