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    flash-builder-4 is constantly "Publishing Target Flash Professional File..."




      When working on Flash project in Flash-Builder-4 and Flash-Pro-CS5, FB4 is constantly performing a "Publishing Target Flash Professional File..." as can be seen in the progress window.


      I sometimes get 10 simultanious lines in the progress bar trying to do the same "Publishing Target Flash Professional File...".



      What is going on? FB4 is sure not trying to publish the same thing over and over before the first publish is done.


      I get this problem when working on my bigger project (around 10-20 packages and around 50 classes).



      The next thing that usually happens is that when I initiate a Test-Movie of the project (Ctrl+Enter), at this point is that Flash-Pro-CS5 is crashing.



      Any idea what's wrong with my system?


      Thanks for the help.