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    BMI syntaxis error near token 'then' on line 1, column 38


      I use first this one



      = (WT.rawValue)*703/((HT.rawValue*HT.rawValue))


      but I have this error


      Script failed (language is formcalc; context is xfa[0].form[0].F[0].#subform[1].BMI[0]) script=(Weight*703)/Height*Height)

      Error: arithmetic over/underflow.

      I check the error on this forum and replace for this formula




      = if( HT.rawValue >0) then (WT.rawValue)*703/((HT.rawValue*HT.rawValue))


      but not I have this error:


         script failed (lenguage is formcalc; context is xfa[0].form1[0].#subform[0].BMI[0])

        script=BMI.rawvalue=if(ht.rawvaule>0) then



      Error:syntax error near token 'then' one line, column 38.


      please help me.