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    Deleting glossary from Project


      I looked through the threads and can't find an answer on this. I decompiled an existing help file to create a new help file (basically reusing content and rebranding as our own). In the process of creating a new project, the existing glossary came over. The glossary is blank. I just want to delete it from the Project Manager. I know how to remove the Glossary tab from the Project Setup | Windows. That's not the issue. I want it gone from my project with no reference to the .glo file. I can delete it in ClearCase but then my help project puts the big red X next to the file under Project Manager | Glossary. I've looked through all the source files (.apj, .ali, etc.) to see if any project file is referencing .glo. I can't right-click the file and delete because "Delete" is grayed out.

      Can I delete the .glo or do I have to have that file in my project?