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    Problems with AVCHD and Premiere Pro CS5


      Hi everyone,

      I am a rookie with both Premiere and AVCHD format, and this is my first time I am writing to this forum. I hope that you can help me with the following problem:


      I have shot AVCHD clips as 1920x1080, 25fps. I managed to create a project in Premiere Pro CS5 (not a tryout version) but unfortunately I made the project with 720p preset. After that I have learned that it is wiser to create 1080i project and then scale down in export phase to 720p if needed. Sounds reasonable. Well I started it all again and created a 1080i project. For some reason I don't understand Premiere did not recognize and import my clips and did not even create sequence01 (default name) to project window. Does anybody have an idea why this happened? I tried many times but results were as bad as at the first time. Even a test 720p project did not import the clips. What makes this more weird is that after and hour or so I tried once again and this time everything went fine. Has anybody experienced similar situation with AVCHD and Premiere CS5? Could this be a Premiere problem or have I done something wrong? I am using 64bit Windows 7.


      Another thing I have been thinking is that what are the best export setting to export AVCHD 1080i (or 720p) project to YouTube? So many alternatives I have found: mpeg2, mpeg4, H.264, wmv... And does it matter whether I export the video from Premiere or from Adobe Encoder? In other words all tips to successful YouTube video making are welcome.


      Thanks in advance!