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    Result Set from The temporary table is not working

      Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me. I've created stored procedure in MS SQL end a result set I’m getting from #tempTable.
      In the beginning of SP I’m creating the tempTable which have only one column. After some calculation I’m inserting rows to that temporary table.
      And at the end I’m doing a Select * From #tempTable to get back the result set.

      <cfstoredproc procedure = "up_xmlfolder_to_pages_test"
      dataSource = "MySource" returnCode = "Yes" debug = "Yes">
      <cfprocresult name = "rsTest" resultSet = "1">
      <cfprocparam type = "IN" CFSQLType = CF_SQL_INTEGER
      value = "1" dbVarName = @pi_FolderID>
      <cfoutput query="rsTest">

      If I’m selecting (returning the result set) from the permanent table the <cfoutput query="rsTest"> is working fine.
      If I’m selecting (returning the result set) from the temp table <cfoutput query="rsTest"> is NOT working, all do I can see the result in the
      <cfdump var="# rsTest #"> as a query with n rows, but cfloop or <cfoutput query="rsTest"> is not working in the tempTable.

      Thank you in advance