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    unable to print PDF internet file unless I save it first


      I am a real estate agent, and all of my software is "cloud" software including the local MLS database.  Most properties have uploaded pdf

      files such as sellers disclosures, surveys, etc.  A few months ago I noticed two issue with the internet pdf files when I open them up - I can now occasionally only print the pdf document if I save it on my own PC first, and another difference is the way that the print option is now displayed as a small pop up box with "print / save" icons in it, BUT this box does not always appear, sometime I just get the menu bar where I have to select print.


      My client database software (also cloud) uses pdf files for letters, envelopes and reports, and it also had a similar issue start about the same time in that the small icon box did not appear and there was no menu bar option, so I could not print at all. I was able to get past that by having the software tech support walkl me through changing the pdf settings to get the small box to appear with the print icon.


      The issue is why are these issues occuring when I'm not changing any defaults?  When I select menu/file/print, or the print icon on the popup box (if it appears), I get the next pop up of my printer and its defaults just like normal. I can make changes or select another printer, or change papertype - whatever I might want to do - or change nothing and take all of the printing defaults, but then NOTHING HAPPENS when I select print. It's like my PC thinks that it's printing, but the file never gets to the printer itself. The print file just seems to disapper into oblivion.


      I tried control panel/programs/uninstall/recover for Adobe Reader, but this did not change anything. I have Adobe 9.3.3 using Windows 7.