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    Location to upload and share .SWF files?

    StanWelks Level 1

      is there a location to upload .SWF files to share similar to what youtube does for videos?



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          there's nothing analogous to youtube for swfs.  there is upswf.com but i don't see the point.

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            mldb88 Level 2

            I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but youcould try newgrounds.com

            Its a community based around making flash games/videos, music, etc etc, but new submissions go through a community based judgement process in which they are voted on.  If they don't achieve a minimum score, the submission is removed from the site.  The community itself has kind of gone downhill in terms of quality in my oppinion, but f you can get past the judgement process it can probably suit your needs.

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              StanWelks Level 1

              We are trying to teach students Flash and I am looking for a way to enable them to upload their .SWF files so they can test and show them to others.



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                mldb88 Level 2

                Ah, that probably wont work out too well then, considering the community

                there has both high standards and a love of inside jokes.  If you have some

                kind of ftp site you can have them upload the files into that, and then go

                to the urls of the respective projects (for example"


                That would probably be the best way to do it that way it keeps the students

                work in a closed network, getting feedback mainly from their peers, as well

                as filters out any kind of spam/offensive/generic "this sucks" type comments

                community based sites tend to run into a lot.  Also, the work they upload to

                the ftp site can be viewed from any computer.  Your best bet is probably to

                use Dreamweaver to set up the server and uploading their files.  That's how

                I did it when I took a class in Flash web design last semester.  Hope this

                helps, and I'm sure someone on the Adobe boards can help with setting up the

                FTP site, since it's still something I have all that much experience with.

                That or a tutorial could work too.