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    Styling Spark components


      Hello, this might look like a dumb question but I've spent days trying to get this done...


      I'd like to know how to change the rollover color of a spark button.

      Now, this is what I already have:

          chromeColor: #AAC0FF;

          color: #00FF00;
          chromeColor: #FFFFFF;

          chromeColor: #


      No big deal, but when I move my cursor over the button it's grey and not white. I'd love to know how to remove that annoying greyish color layer from my button, and *if* possible, using CSS only.

      I've seen tutorials where people actually define their own button, inheriting the basic button properties, but isn't that a bit an extreme approach to change the rollover color of a button?


      Another thing that has been driving me mad is to change the background color of the title of an Alert box:

          backgroundColor: #AAC0FF;


          cornerRadius: 0;
          titleStyleName: "alertTitle";


      That won't do the job either. The title bar remains grey, while I can change the background of the alert box (only the zone in which the alert message appears).

      From what I've seen in the Adobe documentation, the titleStyleName refers to a "Panel" style. And the Panel should support the property backgroundColor!


      I've seen a lot of different approaches on the net, but none of these seemed to work, or were really too complex to make me give it up.


      Thanks for any suggestions!

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          The chromeColor style will not do what you need. The purpose of the chromeColor is to easily apply a tint to UIComponents. You are applying a white tint to a grey color, which results in grey. You will have to create your own skin to achieve something more.


          Is there a reason you don't want to create a custom skin? It will give you much more control over the look / feel of your button.


          Another option would be to create a custom component that extends spark.components.Button and adds a style that you could use to change the exact color of your button. This would give you what you are looking for, but be much more work than creating a skin.


          Hope that helps.

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            Freydaklin Level 1



            Thank you for replying to my old unanswered question!

            The reason why I tried to avoid creating a new skin is because it's quite some work (yet another file to be added to one of my packages), just for changing a button's color...

            Note that I was relatively new to Flex when I wrote this topic. About 4 years ago!

            However, in the meanwhile, I figured out that's just the way Spark components seem to work, and if I don't like their look, I must create a new skin.

            It would be so much easier if you could just change a property like "backgroundColor" and maybe set another property "chromeEffect" to false, but anyway, Flex != HTML/CSS, and I think what Adobe calls CSS in Flex is far from being something close to CSS as defined by the W3C... :-)


            Thanks again for your attention and information.