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    test movie problem in FLASH CS4

    ashmic19 Level 1


      I created a graphic on one layer in my timeline in FLASH CS4 and then added a new layer above it with text to create a zoom out effect. When I click Control>Play the movie plays fine with the text zooming out as it is supposed to but when I click Control>Test Movie the movie shows white with the text constantly visible and the graphic flickering on (visible) and off (not visible) so fast that it's barely visible. Any ideas on why the test movie is not working? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The kind of behavior you are describing is often evident when there is an actionscript error in the file.  Do you have any code in the file?


          It could also be a case of running a loop between a couple frames, though based on what you describe, I can't currently see this as being the case.

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            ashmic19 Level 1

            Ned Murphy-

            Thanks for your response. Yes I created a roll-over button of the photo in the graphic I made and then I was trying to create an ActionScript to play the movie (zoomout effect of the text on the graphic) when the mouse rolled over the photo (button). But I have been having a hard time implementing this action. I am trying to follow directions according to my book but making this ActionScript has been another problem I am having. I don't know how to view code in Flash. This graphic is intended for  a website I am creating in Dreamweaver so I'm just adding the button, zoomout effect and actionscript in Flash. Is there a way to undo the current actionscript applied and try again? Do you have any tips for creating this kind of ActionScript using the Action panel? Maybe once I get the ActionScript right the movie will play as it should in Test Movie??


            Thanks for your help.



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              ashmic19 Level 1

              I ended up figuring out the answers to my own questions. Thanks Ned for your help in getting me started on the cause of the problem.