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    Editing Canon 7d 1080p/24 footage with Premiere Pro CS5 + mobile quad core CPUs


      I'm researching getting a new laptop for editing and trying to determine if even the best laptop out there will give me the editing experience I need.


      Does anyone have any experience editing 7d 1080p/24 video files in CS5 with a laptop with a quad core CPU (either i7-Q* or the older quad cores) and/or GPU acceleration? I'm curious if the CPU can handle the load especially with multiple overlayed video tracks with varying opacity.


      Please  include the following in your reply:

      • # video tracks overlayed
      • playback resolution: half, quarter, full
      • CPU
      • GPU acceleration (if any)
      • Hard drive




      My experience is this... On the sequence below, even at 1/4 resolution playback, the preview stutters to the point of being useless when there are three video tracks overlayed.


      # video tracks overlayed: 3

      Playback resolution: quarter

      CPU: duo core 3.06gHz

      GPU acceleration: none

      HD: blazingly fast ssd