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    RoboHelp HTML Version 8  Index Cross Reference


      I recently upgraded from Robo 7 to Robo 8.  I imported my primary project and immediately build a .chm file to see if there were any obvious problems.  For every cross-referenced item in the index, it used to pop up the topics for the item referenced.  Now the cursor does not move, no topics are displayed, and the file name with path appears in the Search box.  This happens with cross reference items that were imported with the Robo 7 project.  It happens with newly entered cross reference items.


      I created a little dummy project with just a few topics, and created an index which includes a cross-referenced item, and it does work with that project, or I guess it works.  It used to be that if the reference item was a single topic, clicking the cross-reference item went to that topic.  If the referenced item has subtopics, it displayed the list.  Now the cursor hops to that item in the index where you have to select it.  (Great idea if you like increasing the number of clicks.)  When I open the index files with Notepad, the entries in both my imported project and my test project appear to be the same.


      Anybody know what's wrong?