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    40k file size limit with 872kb FLV




      I have been asked to compress a commercial for a client for web. The spot is 300x250 at 10 seconds and I am exporting an flv out of After Effects.

      I have taken the bit rate down as low as possible and can only get it down to about 872kb. Is there any solution to lowering it down to the required 40k file size.


      Also, for delivery would i just need to send the swf and html or does the flv need to go


      i'm not a flash person so any help would be appreciated


      thank you

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          funkysoul Level 4

          There is absolutely no way you can get a 10sec flv to 40k.. that is like impossible!

          Rather I would create your flv, the best way the compression allows "regardless" of filesize (with regardless I mean, don't worry just stay on the sane side)


          Load the flv externally, by either using an flvplayback component ( not my favourite ) or a video object ( my favourite ), with it your swf should be below 40k and the flv would be loaded externally.


          I assume you are doing a banner right?