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    The famous 2038 error ????




      I've bought 5 books, and with one of them I keep getting the 2038 error. I increased the flash setting to unlimited, I even canceled my firewall and antivirus for downloading the book. I think I've done about everything I could find on the net.Does anyone have a suggestion, aor did anyone find a way to solve that problem ?

      Thanks for your help !

      This is the message :


      Vincke & Verstuyft / Double-face / druk 12:
      I/O-fout bij netwerkaanvraag.
      Controleer uw netwerkverbinding en probeer het opnieuw.

      http://ebook.lightningsource.com/TitleDownload/LSCFD.dll?hdlr=ADEPT&sku=9789460410802&r=20 090821121226 van gebeurtenis:
      Error #2038
      --- einde ---