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    best practice DataGroup and custom layout

    Fdecampredon Level 1



      Some times ago, i made a little TimeLine component in flex 3, the component was very limited in terms of possibility, mainly because of performance issues.


      With flex 4 and virtualisation in layout i thought it was easier to create my component.

      But i'm confronted to some problems.

      I try to extend DataGroup, with a fixed custom Layout, but i have 2 problems :

      -The first one is that  size and position of elements will depends of the dataProvider of the component, so i need to have a direct dependance of the component in my layout.

      -And the main one is depth of the element will depends of data and i don't see a way of updating it in my layout.


      Should i stop using DataGroup and try to implement it directly from UIComponent and IViewPort implementation with a sort of manual virtualisation?

      Should i override the dataProvider setter to sort it the way element depth should be set ?

      Should i use BasicLayout and access directly to property from the DataGroup in itemRenderer to set top left width and height ?


      I'm a little lost and any advice would be a great help.