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    Elearning Suite -- Application Manager -- Presenter missing


      I am using the application manager tool provided by Adobe to create an Enterprise deployment for eLearning 2.0.  During the wizard, it asks you which applications you want to include in your installation and I include everything (this includes presenter).


      This leaves us with 2 source folders:  The payloads folder and the exceptions folder.


      The payloads folder contains all of the applications that will be handled in the MSI that is built by the application manager, the exceptions folder contains all of the "other" installations that you can handle with cmd line.


      Everything works great, except, Presenter does not install.  It is completely missing.  There is nothing in the logfile that shows any error or failure (all return code 1, which in Adobe lingidy means AOK).  The only descrepency that I have been able to observe so far is that the source files = 5gb in size when I extract the source from the cd.  After I point the application manager to the source and run the wizard, it extracts 3.5gb in source.  I understand there maybe a few extraoneous items in source that may account for additional languages and whatnot, but cutting out 1.5gb seems to be an aweful lot.


      Should I be using application manager with the eLearning suite?


      Does eLearning 2.0 fall under the CS5 umbrella of suites?


      Can anyone provide me with things I could be looking at to help troubleshoot this issue, or provide a solution?


      Thank you for your time!


      I will try to answer some questions that may arise:

      -- Presenter does not appear in the exeptions folder, add/remove programs, in c:\Program Files

      -- I attempted to run the application manager with only Presenter selected, it still does not install

      -- I attempted to run application manager with everything but Presenter selected, it still does not show in the exeptions folder

      -- I opened the MSI that was built by application manager to see if presenter existed in the table, it does not, nor does any other application that would get installed in the suite