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    Nvidia GTS 250 Graphics card support in CS5

    JonesVid Level 1

      Can anyone tell me if the NVidia GTS250 card works with Acclerated GPU Encoding using Adobe Premiere CS5?


      On the NVidia web site it claims to support it - I would like some practical experience from someone on this please.



      I searched on Adobe for listed cards but could only see Quadro series??


      I have a GTS 250 card and have the latest Driver package (as of July25th 2010).




      I'm running CS4 at present but am considering upgrade to CS5 with the 64 BIT support.

      If I can get Accelerated encoding with the GTS 250 card so much the better :-)


      The above link mentions accelerated support in CS4 but I don't detect any performance increase?