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    Need Affordable Capture Card CS4 Win 7 i5


      I work for the government, so some things here are out of my control.


      In 2003, I was able to build a machine to capture TV news clips for an archive and to turn some material into web video.  We also Firewire in our own material, edit and burn to DVD or upload to the web.


      The machine was: Pentium 4, 2 1 GB RAM, two hard drives and a Matrox RX.T 10 video capture card.  We ran Premiere 7 on it (I know, but it was free and I work for the government.)


      The hard drive on that machine died and I they sent me a new machine, WITHOUT asking what it will be used for.  So I am trying to make this work


      Intel MB that has one PCI slot, with a i5 Duo Core.  4 gb of RAM and a 300 GB HDD and Win 7.  


      When I put the Matrox card in it the screen remained blank and it beeped at me.


      Question 1:  Is there a way to make the Matrox card work?  My guess is 'probably not."


      Question 2:  Any suggestions for a good affordable capture device?  My DVR's are Toshiba RDxKX50 machines.  I've been capturing from the analogue output, but I'm wondering if there is a way to capture the higher quality HDMI output.


      Since I am doing this with tax dollars, I would like to do it for the least amount of money that is possible.