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    Tracking & Subprocesses

    The Flex Viking Level 1

      One of the "issues" with ES1 is the inability to use tracking to look at task assignments that occur in a subprocess of the main process instance.  I read this in the documents.


      On the Status tab, you can view the names of the multiple users who are part of the task, the date they completed the task by, and their comments on the task. If the task was forwarded to another user, you can view their comments as well.




      If a process that has multiple users receiving tasks in parallel and the tools for reviewing documents are enabled, to view details of the users who are part of the task, click the Status tab


      This seems to tell me that if you use the task assignment component to assign to multiple parallel users, you can see the multiple parallel users in the status tab.


      However, I don't find anything to suggest that task assignments made in sub processes are visible in tracking.  Has this issue been fixed in ES2 or is still a limitation?
      What do you do (besides setting up your own custom tracking mechanism) when you have a process with 150 steps and you really need to use sub processes to maintain sanity?