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    Premiere Elements 7 crashing after being fine for many months - why??


      Please help!  I use this program a lot to vlog and record art events.  I like this program a lot, it is easy to use and very fun.  I have had a great time using it, have been using it for almost a year, and it now shuts down in less than five minutes after I open a project to use it.  All week long, out of nowhere, it has an attitude problem about crashing.  I un-installed and re-installed the whole program, in case something was messed up.  I know someone else, and the same thing is happening to him; he has XP on an older Dell with 4 gig of RAM; I have Win 7 on a new Toshiba with 6 gig of RAM.  We both have systems sufficient to support PE7 and run CS4 smoothly; we both have used PE7 a lot, now it is full of fail!  I read through all the Adobe forums I could and tried these things:


      • un-install and re-install program
      • all Adobe updates are current
      • video card drivers are current
      • Win 7 updates are current
      • hold shift when opening the program to correct memory cache
      • I have no Nividia products
      • I found no graphics hardware accelaration modes to turn off


      I'm out of ideas to help this issue.  PE7 is not a gallon of milk, but it seems to have expired!  ^.^'  It seems like importing and manipulating videos is out of the question.  This is where PE7 crashes, but that is also my primary use of the program.  I am just importing MP4 videos from a Flip camera, this has been fine all along until now.  I am baffled.  The other person whose copy of PE7 has wigged out is baffled.  O.O