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    re: To merge or not to merge


      I am debating to whether to divide up my ediitng into projects and then merge everything together. However after reading this thread




      I am unsure if I want to go through the trouble.


      I think it might be best just to work on one big project.  Besides being more labor intensive, is there an advantge in

      dividing up one big project into multiple projects?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          If your computer can handle the larger Projects (how large?), with your Assets, there is nothing to be gained by breaking the Projects up into pieces. The question becomes, can your computer handle the larger Project.


          I most often use PrPro, and then Adobe Encore, so my workflow is different. In PrPro, I do a Sequence (think mini-Project in one "master" Project), and then will Export (Share in PrE) each Sequence as one Video-only and one Audio-only file, to take into Encore for authoring. That is almost like doing separate Projects in PrE. In my case, it is not due to any limitations of the systems, but because that is how I edit. Each Sequence is equal to what most would term a Chapter. This allows me to keep my focus on each "chapter," while doing the editing. It also helps me, when time comes to author, as I end up with a separate Timeline in Encore. As PrE does the authoring, one would work with one Timeline in a "master" Project, and then Chapter Markers for the Scene-selection Sub-Menus. Not really THAT much of a difference.


          Good luck, and please let us know about the Duration that you anticipate, your Assets (in full details please), and your computer.



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            As for that link and the discussion in it, if one plans the multiple Projects, it is much, much easier. Just edit each segment/chapter completely, and then Export/Share to, say DV-AVI Type II for an SD Project. When done with each segment/chapter, Import each into that "master" Project for authoring. Really nothing to it. My warnings were to make sure that one had either finalized those segments/chapters, OR that the OP allowed enough extra Frames, i.e. Handles, in case there was a need to "tighten" things up. Planning will make it very easy. Just finish each segment/chapter first, and you will be "home free."


            Good luck, and sorry that I might have painted a gloomy picture of the process. It is really much easier than that, so long as you plan.


            Good luck,